Start Your Own Real Estate Sign Post Business

Quik-Post Systems provides you the opportunity to quickly build your own real estate sign post business with minimal costs. With us, you are paying for "product" not franchise fees. We have packaged it in such a way to provide sufficient structure and tools for a streamlined start-up, including but not limited to: Realty posts, installation tools, storage, website layout, ordering system, and credit card processing.

We offer an array of real estate sign posts to comply with home owner association rules and city ordinances. We bring a unique modern post design to the real estate market.

Our flexible business model allows you to pursue this opportunity as an owner/operator or as an investor with a professional management team in place to run your business on a day-to-day basis.

About Us

Quik-Post Systems develops and manufactures real estate sign posts and related equipment. We authorize contract based dealerships giving the opportunity for new businesses in areas in which dealerships have not yet been established.

The Quik-Post Systems product line was conceived in 1994. Initially, sales were limited to existing post companies who offered our post style among their other post style offerings. In 2007, in the effort to expand our market, and to prove the business model of using only our prescribed equipment, we began a post installation company in Phoenix, AZ. This business thrives and is a great model for new businesses. In addition, to our Phoenix, AZ business we have established and maintained contracts with several dealers, please refer to our Authorized Dealers page. Those dealers serve as additional evidence that our business model can thrive in both metropolitan areas with significant competition and in small communities which may have limited exposure to different options.


Quik-Post Systems is a complete package of equipment designed to quickly install and remove realty sign posts. The Quik-Post product line offers a premium alternative to traditional wood and metal posts, and is your best value in today's market.

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Dealership Opportunities

Quik-Post Systems offers you an outstanding chance to own your own real estate sign post service business. You will have the freedom to own your own business in a rapidly growing market.

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Our Philosophy

Of all the real estate sign posts we have previewed over the years, there is one recurring theme: Nothing beats a clean white sign post installed correctly. You can add all the bells and whistles you want, but a solid color with no cracks, a perfect L shape, and a straight installation without leaning represents a brokerage with agents who care, and are serious about generating leads.