Dealership Questions and Answers

What territories are available?
Follow this link to view our currently authorized dealers.
Can I be an existing post company to buy your product?
Yes you can be an existing post company.
Can I run this business from my home?
You definitely can start your business from the home. The question remains, how large do you want to grow? Realistically, you could operate 500-800 post business from a residential location.
Am I comfortable with the sales aspect of this field?
To get any sales and service business off the ground, meet and greet techniques must be utilized along with presentations of the Quik-Post product line.
Am I prepared to work 6-7 days a week to get my business off the ground?
Although installations generally occur only 5 days a week, administrative work generally happens 6 days a week. At minimum, it is best to have at least email communication available to your customers 7 days a week.
Will the level of competition in my city/area for post installations and sales be a factor in my success?
We have found that it works in our favor to have a lot of competition. First, you will be providing an entirely new and unique product line to the real estate market. Secondly, there is always room for service companies that actually listen to customers and provide good service.
How many agents will it take to generate 15-20 installs/removals per day?
With our current housing market in states with an average to low annual growth we can predict you will need 200-250 active listing agents. You should visit to get a feel for how many listings and agents are currently in your area.
What is the average installation time once you are on location for an install?
Using only Quik-Post Systems equipment a standard 6’ arm post will take 5-10 minutes including hanging sign and attaching riders. A double post may take a few more minutes depending on terrain.
What is the maximum distance the majority of post installation companies will travel from a central location?
We have found that most companies will travel on average 40-50 miles one way for their furthest installations.
What is an average size post company in the U.S.A. today?
The average size post company will have an inventory of about 500-1500 posts, most of which will be in the ground. With several hundred as reserves at least 15% of their stock will be rotated weekly.
How many trucks would it take to service a 1500-2500 post business assuming you are rotating about 15% of that stock weekly?
A minimum of at least 2 or 3 trucks depending on how heavy you load a driver.
Can I start my company with just one truck?
Yes, of course you can. However, a second truck should be considered in your new business strategy.
How many installations/removals can a driver complete in an 8 hour period given a 40 mile radius?
We would estimate in the best conditions 15-20 installations would be your average. This would not account for weather conditions, or terrain. However, in densely populated areas we have witnessed up to 32 stops.
What is considered a large post company?
We have found companies that maintain 5000-10,000 posts in a 50 mile radius. The larger company will make roughly 250 stops per day.

Other Considerations

Transportation Equipment

This is the equipment that is designed to haul posts, stakes, slide hammer, signage, and miscellaneous tools associated with installations. Once you start using it you’ll understand why there is a method to the madness. This equipment is mandatory with the start of your business, and can be mounted in just about anything that is as big as the Toyota Tacoma’s we currently use. You may choose to have our company fabricate and mount the equipment for future vehicles, or use your first one as a model and have it built local, but there is no obligation to buy from us, we can send many of the parts that may be needed.

Methods for Receiving Orders and Payments

We strongly urge our clients to set-up their businesses using the most up-to-date systems possible. This being said, we have already done all of the leg work to establish an online ordering and payment processing system. This system has been created to reduce the number of hours spent in the office doing administrative work.

Web Layout/Design

You may use the layout, and/or designer of your choice. If you prefer to use a site similar to the one that Arizona Real Estate Sign Post Installlations has in place, we will make that option available to you through Brixen Creative and McGrath Electronics, Inc.

Truck/Trailer/Van Graphics

Our local installation service company (business model) prides itself in the professional appearance that sets us apart from other sign post installation companies. We have purchased brand new Toyota Tacoma trucks and branded those vehicles with the Quik-Post Systems Logo. While we recognize the expense related to purchasing a new vehicle, we believe that the cost is far less than the cost of maintaining an older and less reliable vehicle, in addition to the lack of fuel efficiency of larger trucks. The expense of using the vehicle wrap is negligible compared to the cost of advertising, and the degree of professionalism that it represents.