Manufacturing & Shipping

Manufacturing is performed on order and most large orders have a 4-6 week lead time depending on their size.

The material used for post products is a heavy wall (PVC) pipe, it is a petroleum based material, and therefore the cost of material is directly linked to fuel pricing and is subject to change.

Post products are painted for color and product protection.Before an order for product can begin production a deposit for half the order must be paid in advance and the balance paid before shipment.

All hardware is powder coated, plated, or available in stainless steel.

Shipping large orders is a process in itself; we build our own pallets to insure your order makes it to you intact. The smallest order we ship for arm posts is #100 posts and stakes for our dealers, we do this because it is your best value when shipping truck freight.

Dealers buy product at whole sale pricing, some dealers prefer to pick them up with a U-Haul, and for those that need them shipped we spend a full 8 hour day building, loading and securing product, there is an extra charge for this called (Pallet Fee).

A finished pallet of product: Weighs #2000lbs, Size 4’x 8’x 7’ tall and Ships Class 92.5

Although these pallets are loaded and moved with fork lifts they can be unloaded very easily by hand. Some customers have the pallet delivered to a nearby freight doc and unload posts and related equipment into a U-Haul or enclosed trailer.

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