If you’ve been looking for a franchise opportunity, allow us to change your mind. With us, you are paying for product not franchise fees. We are offering you an outstanding chance to own your own real estate sign post sales and installation service business. You will have the freedom to own your own business in a rapidly growing and competitive market.

Quik-Post Systems is a complete package of equipment designed to quickly install and remove realty sign posts. Our product line offers a premium alternative to traditional wood and metal posts, and is your best value in today's market.

  • 80% faster than conventional wooden post installation! Our System enables installers to complete most post installations in as little as 5 minutes compared to the approximately 20 minutes required for conventional posts.
  • Our installation hardware provides the easiest way to secure the post in the ground, and includes a method to lock the post in place to a stake.
  • Our posts are sold with sign hanging hardware far superior to traditional methods and will accept arm riders with an additional attachment.

Our real estate sign posts are developed from a rugged piece of vinyl, using a one piece construction with a modern design which incorporates an information pocket with every post. Don't confuse us with other manufacturer's of vinyl posts. Ours is the toughest post sold on the market today. While other posts may eventually split or rust due to the elements or usage, ours has a heavy vinyl wall thickness to help prevent this damage.

We also have sourced an all online order system. This system ensures that your customers can enter orders day and night and give the specifics necessary to fulfill their orders correctly. Orders can be submitted 7 days a week 24 hours a day through this custom developed system.

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Dealer Agreement Elements

This is the agreement you will sign with Quik-Post Systems to become and maintain your sign post installations business. This agreement, of course, has a lot of legal verbiage and these are some of the things that are included:

  • A described territory with boundaries for use using our system and product
  • An expectation of the size post installation company you propose to build, (how many posts will be sold yearly to meet your goal)
  • A term for the agreement with the ability to renew
  • Pricing for product
  • Restrictive Covenant
  • Manufacture’s delivery
  • Right of First refusal for dealers wanting to expand their territory

Dealership – Next Step

Have you identified: Competition in your area? Current installation rates? The average number of listings and turnover rate in your area? Ready to move forward? We recommend the following next steps:

1) Visit our facility and meet our people. View our product line up close and learn how it all goes together. Spend a day with one of our installers to get a feel for the installations, and post maintenance. Learn how our online ordering /payment processing system/ program works.

After looking at our business model and actually coming to understand how it works it will be easier to formulate your own strategies for a successful company.

2) At this point if you are comfortable with what you have learned, and are ready to proceed, we suggest paying for and finalizing your dealership agreement.

3) You should know by now what quantities and styles of equipment will be needed. Now is a good time to make a deposit towards your first order as there may be a 4-6 week lead time to have everything ready for shipping.

4) The next step should be your website design and layout for your new company.

5) Coordinate all advertising efforts, including graphics. We recommend using your truck to advertise your own business. The graphics provide both advertising and a level of professionalism beyond what is often seen in this industry.

Assistance & Support

It is our experience that entrepreneurs come to us with varying levels of experience and knowledge. We are available for support, but as a Quik-Post Systems dealer you have full authority over your business. Our guidance is just that, guidance, it is not our intention to make requirements of dealers beyond the contractual agreement.