Quik-Post Systems Software Package

The Quik-Post Systems Software is a server-based database designed for tracking real estate sign post installations for our certified dealers. It is a complete accounts receivable and inventory package. The program catalogs your customers, their current and previous work order history, credits, problems associated with specific customer and/or work orders, invoices, equipment inventory, and a referral system to credit your existing customers for introducing you to their colleagues.

The system is designed and engineered for ease of use both by real estate agents and post installation companies. The system streamlines your administrative processes so you can focus on providing the best post installation and customer service. Our software offers your customers the ability to create their own account, enter post installation, and/or removal requests 24/7 to minimize your staff requirements. Using the online order system agents can track pending orders, currently installed posts, upcoming renewals, and sign inventory.

 The program allows for businesses to set-up customers for payments monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or 'billed upon completion", additional terms can be set-up to allow for billing methods by check or credit cards. Our system requires no additional data entry after an initial order is placed. All renewal work orders and invoices are generated automatically from the existing work order. The system completes all of the manual labor when your billing agent sets the motion in action.

Our Quik-Post Systems Software package is a secure and verified site for the real estate agents and installation companies. Transactions on the site are protected with Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

  • Agents log in with an email address and password. The login process limits them to only viewing or entering their own orders. In addition to agent logins, an administrator at the brokerage can log in to view, edit, or enter orders for any agent at that brokerage. (Editing can only be done up to the time the order is scheduled for the installer.)
  • Work orders are automatically scheduled for the next installation day, based on a cut-off time and installation days as determined by your business model.
  • Work orders are automatically assigned to installers based on routes and zip codes.
  • Upon order submission agents can view their order summary to view the order in "pending". In addition, an email confirmation is automatically sent to the customer. The e-mail can even be sent to multiple people such as an administrator at the brokerage and the agent.
  • Automated emails are generated, when the order is placed, when the order is completed, and when a renewal is coming due. Sales receipts/invoices are automatically emailed to your customer when the work order(s) have been billed and/or processed.